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What is In Her Pursuit

Our founders ultimately believe in the pursuit of parity and equality. Not notionally, in actuality.

This is why In Her Pursuit has been created. We believe the only way to realise our full potential as a society and economy is through the existence of true parity and equality; and to get there we need to be far more supportive of women in their career and business pursuits than what we have been to date.

Building a strong foundation for the advancement of women in their careers and in supporting their business pursuits will give rise to an entirely new way of doing business that will see us step out of the playing field that was built on age old ways and bias and put us on track for exponential economic growth, further disruption and new heights of innovation.

We Support Her

inher world of possibility,
inher desire to move forward;
We support her,
inherpursuit of it all.

What is the Problem

Many times over career progression plans, Good ideas and great businesses fail because of problems that are easily avoided.

Factors such as the wrong team around you; ill-fitting, over-priced or poor-quality product and services; inappropriate advice or lack of leadership or simply being overlooked when opportunity presents - should never be the reason you can't succeed.

What do we stand for

At In Her Pursuit, we KNOW your best chance at success is in getting all the basics right - the first time around. We have been busy figuring out how to help you engage with the right resources, knowledge and people - at the right time, to achieve the best outcomes at a price you can afford.

We believe putting you in touch with the right people and the right technology at the right time will ultimately lead to your success.

What are you In Pursuit Of?

Is built for
Career: Development & Advancement

Women who want the support to advance their careers from initial help preparing their C.V and improving their interviewee skills to shooting for c-level and board level positions.

Business: Ideation to Exit

If you are embarking on any level of your business ramp from ideation, inception, incubation, capitalisation through to scale, exit and/or IPO we have the ability to support you.

You: Life and Wellbeing

Each woman's journey is unique, and she will likely wear numerous hats throughout her lifetime. From student to career woman, mother, wife, business owner and beyond; In Her Pursuit supports her journey.

Is built for
User Groups: Local to International Support

Ability to protect member origination to enable the on-boarding of multiple female centric organisations creating huge value add for their members as they are able to access an ocean of shared resources.

Company: White Label Platform

Companies who want to support the development and advancement of their staff within their internal framework and shift their culture to align themselves with the principles of parity and equality.

Providers: Product, Service & Content

Enterprise level, best of breed companies who wish to provide products, services and /or have world class content to the women on our platforms.

If you are looking to advance in your career, start a new business or progress an existing one, or just looking to expand on your current success, In Her Pursuit is here for you.


An online platform designed to bring all women with a desire to progress in their career and business goals together in a social & commercial ecosystem to enable access to enterprise level products & services, high level commercial opportunities, relevant content & networking, education and upskilling across all key aspects of their journey forward.



How we do it

Members are able to gain access to a sophisticated support structure tailored specifically for their individual networking, business, education and career advancement needs and goals. We also utilise our unique Authentech™ Relationship Technology™ to connect women in their local vicinity and assist in the facilitation of tangible, commercially viable outcomes for them.

This platform is unique in it's ability to offer a clear and coherent pathway for women to advance in their career pursuits as well as for female founders to go from ideation, inception, incubation, capitalisation and right through to scale / exit / IPO bringing a completely fresh approach to advancing women in their entrepreneurial and career endeavours.

We know growing your business or advancing in your career can feel like you are navigating a mine field. Every step must count.

Don't wait for mistakes to happen. Avoid the traps by letting us work with you, so you can be all you know you can be with the support you need to get you there.


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A Sneak Peek: The New Way for Her to Engage



So what can it do

Your Comprehensive Company and Personal Dashboards will allow you to engage with


Let Art(ie)™ put you in contact with the right people, with the right skills in your path at the right time.

Everyone knows the fortune is in the follow-up; yet initiating new relationships can be very daunting if you are not a people person, while on the other hand, nurturing existing ones so time consuming that both can often be overlooked. ART(ie)™ delivers automated and intuitive meeting and round-table facilitation. His ability to identify complimentary industries and archetypes and connect them with your direct need and location to build ad-hoc or scheduled outcome driven meetings means you are able to derive the greatest value out of each of your connections, in the shortest period of time - no matter whether you are on your home turf or travelling abroad.


ART(ie)™ ensures communication between our members is an absolute pleasure.

We believe communication is the key driver of any successful relationship. ART(ie)™ gives you an easier way to update your networks, receive relevant content tailored just for you, communicate with others as well as let them know your travel plans and availability if that's also important to you. We also take the time to verify the identity of each user on our platform to provide you with a greater level of comfort in conducting your business and professional communications both on and off line. We care about your cyber-safety in your cyber-workplace.

Virtual Assistant

For Dr Dee™, success is science. Building you a solid foundation is her mandate.

When it comes to time, most of us are running on empty; leading to compromised standards, rushed decisions and costly band-aid solutions. Dr Dee™, our discovery and diagnostic agent, ensures you have access to effective solutions, that produce tangible outcomes - at the right time - for coffee cup prices. She facilitates best business practise between yourself and others by facilitating things like prompting the signing of privacy agreements or managing actionable items from meetings. She'll help with day to day logistics like organising shared files through to providing agreement or agenda templates or even finding you a meeting room - and that's just the half of it!

Knowledge and Education Resources

Expand your horizon with access to knowledge and educational resources for you and / or your staff.

Knowledge is power and in this fast paced, forever changing technological landscape up-skilling and filling knowledge gaps is the only way to ensure you can stay relevant. Increase your business confidence or advance your career with access to Technical, professional, and personal Education. Secure your future by learning from seasoned professionals with workshops, mentor programs and instructional videos or if you are a company, help your internal staff develop themselves and support the advancement of their careers.


Stay motivated, be inspired, get involved and keep in touch.

The digital age has only made face to face human interaction more important. When it comes to developing rapport, shaping business outcomes or improving staff engagement it should not be underestimated. Whether it is a local, international or online event; our event builder helps you create your own or connect with our ad-hoc or scheduled events, instant one2one, study groups, focus groups or will even assist you in creating spontaneous group meet ups. You don't need to worry about the where or when, ART(ie)™ can find a venue for you and will ensure you choose a date and time that all your attendees are available - no more declined invitations!

Corporate Solutions

We don't just support Her. In Her Pursuit supports her bigger picture. Here's how we do that:
  • Support for existing online groups, Lean-Ins and communities.
  • Event management solutions i.e. ticketing, communication and merchant.
  • Corporate intranet, secure communication and internal education management and staff evaluation tools.
  • Enterprise level Product and Service Provider Integration.
  • KYC Identity protection and validation facilities.
  • Commercial agreement and transactional escrow facilities.


Fill out our platform registration today and get ready for a new tomorrow coming soon at In Her Pursuit.

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